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CPR Steam Engines - Jim Little, MMR

This clinic will survey prototype CPR Steam locomotives with photos from various sources, and discuss the ways in which these unique and interesting prototypes can be, and have been, modelled.

Drawing with Cad in 2D, Doug Burton

A demonstration of how easy it is to draw with Cad in 2D using LibreCad, which is a free drawing programs available on-line. These drawings can then be used as your patterns for scratch building projects. We will create a simple drawing and go over the the functions used to create that drawing and will also show what some printed drawings look like in scale.

Extreme Weathering of Rail Cars - Brian Keay

Using an innovative technique with goauche water-based paint, Brian will explain how he replicates the unique and extreme weathering that Mother Nature can create on railroad equipment by working from photos of prototype cars as a guide. Samples of the clinicians work will be on hand to provide examples.

Grade Crossings I Have Known - Fred Headon, MMR

While we spend considerable time and effort researching, and detailing our locomotives, rolling stock and structures we too often neglect investing comparable efforts for our track. The infrastructure that exists in and around grade crossings should be included on our model railways as part of our scenery efforts, and operation-focused modellers can add to their enjoyment by implementing trackside signage that requires compliance by crews. Details to be considered include approach roads, materials used between the rails, protection requiring road and railway signage, pedestrian considerations, abandonment, and other bits of infrastructure.

Prototypical Waybills and Car Forwarding - Brian Stokes

Model railroading is trending to more and more realism all the time.  From replicating prototype locations and railroads, to the super-detailed rolling stock and locomotives now available right out of the box from manufacturers, many modelers seek to make their layouts as realistic as possible. One aspect that hasn’t changed much in the last forty years though is how we move our rolling stock. This clinic will look at the growing interest in more prototypical car forwarding and how it can be implemented on home layouts.