Layout Tours

Layout tour lists and further information will be available at registration.


Dale Gloer - The Coyote Flats Subdivision

This is a freelance model based on the CPR in Southern Alberta in the 1950s.  Chief interest is in moving freight in a prototypical fashion between the modeled area and three staging areas.  Therefore, the scenery which is about 80% complete is to represent the area, not specifically model any particular location.  Dale uses DCC, largely Digitrax equipment, and has implemented JMRI for programming locos and also detection and signalling which is not prototypical for the area and era, but is an interest and adds operational interest.

Tony Lee -  Lenora & Mt. Sicker Railroad

This version of the Lenora & Mt. Sicker Railroad is based on a prototype logging and mining railroad that was based on Vancouver Island near Duncan and was abandoned in 1908. The layout is DCC controlled and is not operational at this point.  Track is code 70 Micro Engineering with modified Shinohara switches and features a reversing loop at each end.  All structures are scratch built or in one case severely 'kitbashed'. The layout includes several large wood bridges.

Stu Wilcocks - Sedalia Falun and Wasel Railway

Is a fictitious Alberta railway shipping coal and grain to port for export.  The track is all hand laid  with most switches and crossings built in place.  The motive power is supplied by CNR  CPR  TH&B  and SF&W.  There is a continuous  loop main line plus a branch line to the coal mine with a reverse loop at each end.  The Sedalia station is a scratch built replica of the Lethbridge station as it was in 1922. Also scratch on the layout are the coal boat and the diesel  shops etc. in the yard.

Bill Smienk – Canadian Pacific – Strathcona Division

The layout represents Canadian Pacific Railway in 1967 somewhere in S.E. British Columbia. The motive power is 1st and 2nd generation diesels with the occasional steam excursion trip. Most of the scenery has been completed and includes craftsman structures and features many details. The layout is operational using Digitrax DCC control with operating sessions occurring about once per month.

Southern Alberta Model Railway Club

We have 2 Layouts. The Alberta Southern is a HO Layout dated in 50s to 60s era featuring steam and first generation diesel locomotives. The concept of the HO Scale permanent layout is based on a railroad located in Southern Alberta and the mountainous area of S.E. British Columbia. The track work and switches are 90% hand laid. The main line is approx. 240', single track with passing sidings. The scenery is over 80% complete and includes a variety of mountains, hills, city, and small town scenes. The layout is operated with digital command control or DCC. We have added a new section in the past year that is under construction and features a harbour scene. The main layout occupies a room 19 feet by 44 feet. The 243 feet of mainline, which runs through 4 tunnels and crosses 12 bridges brings the trains into 4 yards and 8 branch lines and or sidings. this used up 1,492 feet of track or approximately 2,984 feet of rail hand laid on 59,680 ties held down with approximately 238,760 spikes. There are approx. 126 switches or turnouts to route trains on the layout. The club uses Digitrax DCC for running trains. The layout is operational and includes prototypical signaling.

The N Scale Layout is a 4 x 16 foot layout that is also run on DCC and can be dismantled to take to model railway shows. It is a freelanced design and most of the motive power are modern diesels. The layout is DCC using Digitrax. The majority of the scenery is completed on the portable section and it mostly represents urban landscapes. There is also a new addition currently under construction that will be a permanent to the existing portable layout. It will feature mountain scenery.

Galt Museum

Bob Gardner diorama of Lethbridge Bridge under construction